The Aspire Giving Foundation will create partnerships with a select group of non-profit organizations that address the Foundation’s vision - to raise awareness and capital for organizations that provide under-served populations with the tools needed to achieve their aspirations. This non-profit portfolio will be composed of organizations who share in our pledge of turning ground-breaking intentions and outcome-driven goals into sustainable models with tangible results. They will be led by innovative and passionate entrepreneurs who have demonstrated the ability to improve people’s living conditions because of the unique way in which they look at the world and its relationship to philanthropy.


Although each of these charities will have their own distinct mission, they will reflect the Aspire Giving Foundation’s core mission to:


• Promote entrepreneurialism, innovation and economic development.


• Facilitate access to health systems, educational opportunities and lifesaving necessities.


• Empower under-served and historically disadvantaged populations, communities and its citizens so as to improve their quality of life.


• Advance human rights, eliminate disparities and reduce poverty and hunger.



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